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Farm Software Review is edited by a team of industry experts from agriculture, horticulture and I.T. industries. The team includes experts from USA, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Kenya, and Australia.  Our editors are not academics so don’t expect any fancy “White Papers” on farm software here.  Most of our editors have worked on farms for many years and some have worked on software projects for farms.  Feel free to join our team of farm software ‘experts’ by using the contact page on this site.

The team of editors has a wide range of expertise including fruit, vegetable, grain, aquaculture, and more.  Editors are experienced in a large range of fresh produce (fruit and vegetable such as tomato, citrus, apple, pepper, capsicum, zucchini, banana, carrot, onion, potato), palms, dates, grains, and shellfish.

Please peruse the resources prepared to assist your company in the short list and selection process for farm software:

  • Farm Software Checklist:  Try our handy checklist to help your farm shortlist potential farm software vendors and ensure you get the most from your farm software solution
  • Farm Software Purchasing Tips:  Don’t miss anything when purchasing your farming solution, check out our useful tips
  • Farm Software Costs:  Find hidden costs and understand the actual cost of ownership not published by many vendors
  • Best Practices Software:
  • Quality Control Farm Software:   Learn what to look for when shortlisting and identifying quality control solutions for farming enterprises
  • Farm Software For Educational Purposes:  A checklist for using farm software in universities and colleges.
  • Farm Software Reviews:  Use our frank reviews of farm systems to help shortlist your choice of farm software solutions.  See our review of the best farm management software
  • [Sponsored] FarmSoft Farm Software:  Farming solutions for fruit vegetable, hop, grain, palm plantations and more…
  • Stackyard Agri-Services 

This site gives you purchasing advice for a range of farming software to assist with the purchasing processes for farm software.   Please note that any sponsored content on this site is paid for, and does not represent an endorsement from the editors.  The editors of this site take no responsibility for advice or suggestions provided herein and you are advised to perform your own due diligence research into any farm software solution prior to purchase.

Farm Software Reviews

Farm Software Review presents farm software solutions for fruit and vegetable farming

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Farm Software Reviews of the best farm software at !   Looking for a post harvest traceability solution?  Visit for details on post harvest fruit packing solutions for PTI, labelling, GFSI compliance, HACCP compliance, inventory traceability software, BRC fresh produce, and other traceability requirements.


Best Farm Software: improve profit, quality, and yield!

Review the best farm software: improve traceability, quality, and yield!


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Increase fruit and vegetable packing efficiency & traceability. Reduce shrinkage and manage the entire grading, washing, sorting, sales, dispatch process! Follow us to to find out more!