Fresh produce portal for customer orders & better service

Give your customers access to farmsoft Fresh Produce Customer Portal so they can enter their fresh produce orders 24x7

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Connect to your customers and allow them to enter fresh produce orders online, receive precious customer feedback quickly

Selected team members will receive alerts when orders are created, updated, or cancelled.  

Use your choice of the Dispatch Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, and Production & Projections to analyze outstanding orders, inventory on hand, and plan production and batches.  

The farmsoft Fresh Produce Customer Portal makes your "pack to order" operation accurate and efficient.  Alerts ensure your production team responds immediately to changes in orders and production specifications for fresh produce.  

Customers can record quality feedback and relate it to the exact product they received; farmsoft will instantly trace the origins of the fresh produce so you can improve supplier quality management and supplier quality feedback.  

Enter fresh produce orders using rapid data entry format 

Customers can create quality feedback 

Insert unlimited photos/files with quality feedback

Instant order alerts for selected production staff (New, update, cancel)

Instant alerts sent to selected team members when a customer records quality feedback

Improve production planning with faster access to customer orders, updates, and cancellations

fresh produce business intelligence

Fresh produce customer portal

Fresh produce customer portal

Connect to your customers orders faster to improve fresh produce production planning and batch scheduling. 

fresh produce business intelligence
fresh produce business intelligence

Fresh produce customer portal

fresh produce business intelligence

Business intelligence > Production dashbaord 

View packing progress for the current day, total product packed, total deliveries, total batches processed, daily packing costs, shipmnets sent.

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce solutions...

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Fresh produce customer portal

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